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With the Aerospace & Automotive Industry increasing manifold, the need for testing of various components and parameters is becoming all the more important. Whether working with data acquisition and control systems, test stand equipment or test cell support system, our principals use broad range of experience to create innovative engineering solutions. We are equipped to supply global and custom-build solutions, tailored according to specific customer requirements. Our principals apply innovative engineering techniques to create unique designs, fabricate, install and commission specialized test facilities. Automotive testing systems supplied by us completely reproduce various environmental simulations including function and durability verification of automobile parts so as to obtain information such as measurement and valuation of spectrum of potential problems. The servo-electric, servo-pneumatic and servo-hydraulic systems being offered by us include systems for Chassis Testing Package, Boot Hot-Cold Rig, Actuators, Controllers, Power Train Testing Package , Corrosion Chambers, SO2 Chambers, Salt Spray Chambers, Component Testing Package, Multi-Axes Test Bench, 6 DOF Shake Tables, Metal Fatigue Testers , Torsion Bar Testing Systems etc. We through our overseas principals are equipped to offer test systems for the aeronautics, space and defense sector. These include Fatigue Benches to certify Aircraft Landing Gear, Production Control Benches for fighter aircraft dynamic actuators, Cockpit Flight Simulator, Electrodynamic Vibration Test Systems, Slip Tables etc. The Avionic Test Bench- Functional Automatic Test System allows to check all the Navigation, Communications and Electronic War Systems in a Single Test Sequence, Shock and Bump Test System, Incline Shock Test System, Shock Response Spectrum Machine etc.