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Earthquake is one of catastrophic event which causes loss to life & property. Recent earthquakes in Aceh & Japan followed by tsunami are biggest examples of earthquake tragedy in the last 40 years. Earthquakes happen when the earth’s crust fails in response to accumulated deformation. Earthquake forecasting is a science critical to managing this disaster and reducing the extent of loss of life and damage caused. Quakes usually occur in clusters that strike the same area within a specific period of time, and it is this characteristic that make scientists able to predict them. In the field of earthquake forecasting, new research is constantly being carried out. Ways and means to better present methods are also coming to light. Accurate earthquake forecasting may enable us to make the transition from thinking of an earthquake as a terrifying natural disaster to a manageable natural disaster. We in association with our overseas technical collaborators offer the most promising area of research in terms of Superconducting Gravimeter and Seismoelectromagnetic Science. Superconducting Gravimeter measures gravity offsets which occur before major earthquakes & have been matched with the theoretical prediction of static displacements that accompany fault rupture. Seismoelectromagnetic science monitors and analyzes the subtle effects in the earth and ionosphere that occur several hours to several days before the major earthquakes. This areas of science may very well provide the foundation for earthquake research. We offer equipment for Multi Parametric Geophysical Observatories, Early Warning System, Superconducting Gravimeters, Absolute Gravimeters, Fluxgate, Induction & Overhauser Magnetometers, Broadband Seismometers, SMA , Triaxial Rotational Seismometers, Integrated Radon Measurement System, LMT /RRMT / TDEM Systems, Triaxial FBA, Portable Declinometer- Inclinometer, Electric Field Sensors, Multichannel Seismic DAQ Systems , OBS etc.