Geophysical ExplorationSee Products

We through our overseas associates offer a host of geophysical products & services that are focused on prospecting of conventional Oil and Gas, Coal Bed Methane, Gas Hydrates, Shale, Mineral & Water Exploration, Engineering Geophysics etc. These encompass Land , Marine & Air Gravity and Magnetics, Airborne Geophysical Surveys, Onshore & Offshore Seismic, EM, Passive Micro Seismic Monitoring etc. Our product offerings help the scientists in making major strides in the respective fields of exploration. These include , but are not limited to, Complete Downhole Systems for Permeability Testing, Formation Evaluation & Hydraulic Fracturing; Ocean Bottom Seismometers; Land, Marine & Airborne Gravimeters; Magnetometers; Autonomous Benthis Lander; Piston & Multi Seabed Corers; Mooring Winches; EM equipment; Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) Systems; GPR with Borehole Antennas uptil 1500 mts.; Borehole Logging System; Exploration Seismographs; 4,000 channel cable free Seismographs upgradable to 10,000 channels; Automatic Weight Drop; Vibroseis; Multi-channel Earth Resistivity Systems etc. Our Geophysical Exploration Services group in collaboration with our overseas associates, offers wide range of services which include Offshore & Onshore 3D High Resolution Surveys, Transition Zone Surveys, Land & Marine Gravity & Magnetics, Marine MT, EM surveys, 3D-4C OBC/OBN Seismic Surveys, Core Logging, Hydrate Analysis, Sediment Analysis , Marine Project Management, Airborne surveys like Magnetic/Gravity/Radiometrics/ Gravity Gradiometry, LIDAR for Tectonic Morphology, Passive Micro Seismic Monitoring etc. We also conduct geophysical investigation for geotechnical, engineering and environmental application. For application that require specific conventional methods we deliver safe and high quality data acquisition, processing inversion, interpretation and consulting services on a customized basis to meet the need of client’s specific projects.