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Materials testing represent safety and reliability. We offer a complete range of advanced materials testing equipment which include but are not limited to Cement/Concrete/Aggregates, Asphalt, Rock/Soil, Geosynthetics, Metals, Alloys, Plastics, Rubber, Composites, Polymers etc. As an equipment supplier and service provider we accept every challenge and provide equipment tailor made to the requirements of our esteemed customers. For decades our overseas associates have been setting standards by which testing equipment are manufactured. These equipment are recognized as the standard for accuracy & dependability in the materials testing field.The servo hydraulic and dynamic systems are manufactured as per the requirement of the customers. They comprise of dedicated software, which offers accurate result values without actual difference. Thus expressing real time analysis perfectly from visual perspective by adding a dynamic force to materials and components. These systems are manufactured in consideration of the optimal conditions so that it is suitable for testing in diverse areas.Equipped with a latest powerful digital closed-loop controllers and display for QC/production applications, these machines are affordable, are easy to learn and apply. For more demanding applications, Materials Testing System can be provided for greater productivity and testing power.When choosing us you are also selecting the international reputation of our overseas associates for their competence, integrity and innovation. Each part of the equipment is subject to rigorous quality test at every stage of its design and manufacture to ensure that we provide our customer with an outstanding product.