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Roads are the life line of a nation. India has a road network of around 3.5 million kms and upkeep of such a huge network of roads, in a tropical country like India, is an uphill task. All pavements deteriorate with time with repeated application of vehicular load and environment conditions. The rate of deterioration depends on the original condition, traffic loading, climatic conditions and a host of other parameters. It is important to evaluate the functional and structural condition of the road periodically which will then lead to need of maintenance & rehabilitation. The maintenance and upkeep of roads is a big industry and savings of billions of rupees can take place with timely maintenance of roads by ensuring that the roads meet the functional and structural requirements. The functional requirements encompass ability of the pavement to provide comfortable, safe, economical riding surface to the users. The structural performance is related to the structural soundness or load carrying ability of the pavement. We offer comprehensive range of advanced Pavement Testing equipment and services in technical collaboration with our overseas principals who are the leaders in this field. The range of equipment being offered by us include testing equipment for Asphaltic and Unbound materials & Pavements, to conduct rheological, functional and structural tests. We also conduct Independent Audits for Quantity Assurance & Quality Control. Road Asset Management services being offered by us include Structural Evaluation using Double Mass FWD, 3D mapping using GPR, Skid Resistance using SCRIM, Automated Pavement Surface Assessment, Geometry & Mapping Surveys, Road Safety Assessment etc