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India is one of the top ranking countries in the field of basic research. Indian Science has come to be regarded as one of the most powerful instruments of growth and development, especially in the emerging scenario and competitive economy. In the wake of the recent developments and the new demands that are being placed on the science & technology system, it is necessary for us to embark on some major science projects which have relevance to national needs and which will also be relevant for tomorrow’s technology. We through our overseas associates offer state-of-the-art equipment & technologies which will help in bridging the gap between different disciplines. We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of Nuclear Waste Disposal, Green Energy, Geodynamic Studies, Materials Testing, Pavement Evaluation, Earthquake Research, Structural Health Monitoring, Glaciology, Railways, Aerospace & Automotive Engineering, UAV ’s for Agriculture, Mining, Power etc to name a few. Considerable engineering capabilities of our principals enables us to offer not only standard testing machines but also customized solutions or complete installations for physical testing laboratories. Our goal is to continually advance the application of existing technologies and to develop new and innovative technologies for the benefits of our customers. The R&D process of our principals looks at real working habits and our customers’ environment to bring improvements to the testing industry that go beyond improved specifications. To ensure that our customers achieve the maximum rewards from their investment, our trained manpower guaranties excellent after-sale service during the life time of the product.