Structural Health EvaluationSee Products

CIS through its overseas associates offer web based, real time turnkey structural monitoring solutions for Bridges, Dams and Dykes, Buildings, Tunnel, Geotechnical, Naval ,Oil & Gas etc. We offer stateof- the-art integrated Structural Health Monitoring solutions for Structures & Infrastructure, based on advanced fiber optic technology and conventional sensors. We also integrate other third party transducers for additional information. All sensing technologies are seamlessly integrated into a single database and user interface. Structural Monitoring using the solutions developed by our principals represents a reliable method to enlarge base knowledge on a structure, and to properly assess their structural performance and integrity. Through our principals we provide a wide range of products to support civil and structural testing. These include High Force & Large Scale Testing System for full scale or near full scale applications in civil engineering testing such as Long Supporting Beams, Highway Bridge Components, Tunnel Testing etc; Seismic Earthquake Simulation Testing System for various civil engineering applications including fundamental research for seismic isolation of buildings and bridges, seismic qualification of components, piping systems and nuclear power facilities. We also offer equipment and services for Non-Destructive Evaluation of structures using advanced techniques like Acoustic Emission, Impact Echo, Parallel Seismic, SASW, UPV, Ultra Seismic etc. Apart from this we also offer equipment for Low Strain and Dynamic Pile Testing, Crosshole Testing etc. These methods have advanced to the point where internal conditions of the structures can be reliably determined and accurately predicted by correlating with destructive core strength results.