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During the last thirty years UAV systems have evolved into highly capable machines, used by the armed forces world wide, mostly for surveillance and data acquisition purposes. With the passage of time and awareness about the adaptability of UAV’s , the demand for these products in the civil commercial industry has risen substantially.In association with our overseas associates we offer UAV’s of Close range (25 kms ); Short range(25-100 kms ); Medium Range (100-200 kms ); Large Range (200-500 kms ) and Endurance.Today we are equipped to offer a UAV’s, both for Civil & Defence sectors which include, Agriculture: Control of agricultural subsidies, Detection of water stress on crops for efficient water management etc; Communications: Communications link platform, Network planning; Defence and Security: Support to state institutions in the fight against illegal activities, Border surveillance; Military: RSTA, SAR, Deception operations, Maritime operations, EW, SIGINT, Special and Spyops, Meterology missions, CAS, BDA ; Forestry: Indications for water quality in rivers, lakes, marshes, State of vegetation”, Monitoring of flora and fauna etc ; Infrastructure Monitoring and Inspection: Lines of high and medium voltage, Oil pipelines, Gas pipelines, Roads, Railways, Civil works, Energy efficiency etc.; Mining: Observation of operations with aerial coordination needs, Control and monitoring of mineral exploration and its environment; Earth Observation: Frequently updating of cartographic and cadastral database, Detection of illegal buildings etc. ; Emergency: Fire monitoring (before, during and after) both day and night, Assessment of damage due to natural disasters; Environment: Studies and assessment of environment impact, Monitoring of environmental parameters, Detection of greenhouse gas etc.