Magnetotelluric (MT) Survey System

Absolute Quantum Gravimeter

High tilt, high temperature geothermal environments, and suitable for test well or behind casing installation

High-pressure and high-temperature borehole seismometer for micro-earthquake monitoring

High-temperature, high-pressure seismometer sonde for microearthquake monitoring

High-temperature, high-pressure seismometer for micro earthquake monitoring

Earthquake Early Warning System

Superconducting Gravimeter (Single Sphere & Dual Sphere)

24 Bit Multi Channel Digital Strong Motion Recorders

Gamma Ray Detector

Seismic Switches

Strong Motion Sensors


Ocean Bottom Seismometers

Borehole Seismometers


Triaxial Rotational Seismometers

Seismic Data Loggers

Short Period Seismometers

High Sensitive Seismic Sensors

Multi Sensor Gradiometer

Base Station Magnetometer

Absolute Gravimeter

TDEM Systems

Portable Declinometer-Inclinometer

Data Acquisition System

Flux Gate Magnetometers

Induction Magnetometers

Electric Field Sensors

Borehole Packer Systems

Borehole Hydraulic Fracturing

Magneto-Telluric Station

Core Splitter

Pore Water Squizzers

Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) Systems

Meteo-Magnetic Station

Electro-prospecting Station


Borehole Water Sampler

Borehole Geophysical Probes

Inflatable Packers

Hydraulic Fracturing

Well Testing

Replacement Packers

Ground Station for Measurement of Ultra Low Frequency(ULF) Magnetic Fields

Autonomous Meteo-Magnetic Station