Static and Dynamic Universal Asphalt Testing Machine

Electromechanical UniversalAsphalt Testing Machine for Cyclic Tests

Static and Dynamic Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine 5/15/40 KN

Static and Dynamic Modular Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine 25/40/60/100 KN

High Accuracy Universal Testing System 25/50 KN

Dynamic Special Triaxial Testing Machine

Rolling Thin Film Oven

Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester

Slurry Testing Machine

Asphalt Content Nuclear Gauge

Nuclear Moisture Density Gauge

Asphalt Pavement Thermal Testing System(TSRST)

Universal Asphalt Testing Machine(Static/Dynamic)

Wheel Tracking Machine

Bituminous Mixture Testing Devices

Asphalt Saw

Rolling Thin Film Oven

Prall Tester

Pressure Ageing Vessel

Surface Texture Meter


Light Weight Deflectometer

Rolling Weight Deflectometer

Automated Pavement Surface Assessment

Roller Compactor

Vialit Cohesion Pendulum

Vialit Plate Adhesion Tester

Melt Flow Indexer

Aggregate Abrasion Machine