Airbag deployment Test System

Drop Towers

Impact Test system (Automotive Interior test System)

Pedestrian Protection Test System

Seat development and homologation test system

Seat Belt and Anchorages Test System

Seat Recliner/ Incliner Test system

SLED Crash Test

4 Post Road Simulation System

6 DOF shake table

Quarter Car Road Simulation System

Combined Environment Noise Simulation System

Drive Shaft & Joint Simulation System

CV-Joint Sealing Testing System

Drive Shaft Performance Testing System

CV-Joint High Angle Torque Testing System

GAF(Generated Angle Force) Testing System

Electric Power Steering Simulation System

Electric Power Steering Performance Testing System

Electric Power Steering Dynamic Fatigue Testing System

Electric Power Steering Durability Testing System

Shock Absorber Durability Testing System

Oil Leak Testing System

Combined Environment Testing System

High Frequency Endurance Testing System

Tuning Car Testing System

Shock Absorber Noise Testing System

Shock Absorber Performance Testing System

Bearing Durability Testing System

Service Life Simulation System

Alpine Descent Testing System

Loaded Drag Testing System

EVP Durability Testing System

Multi-Axes Test Bench


Torsion Bar Testing System

Window Lift Motor Durability Testing System

Intelligence electric brake test system (performance, durability)

Booster Testing System (performance, durability)

Economy (EC) Range Top Loading Cabinets

ClimaCORR® 1000-TL Top Loading Cabinet

ClimaCORR® 1000-FL FR Top Loading Cabinet

Desktop Cabinet 300-FL

Desktop Cabinet 400-FL

Standalone Cabinet 400-FL

Standalone Cabinet 1000-FL

Standalone Cabinet 3000/3500-FL

Salt Spray Test Chambers

Water Condensation Test Chamber

Kesternich Test Chambers

Cyclic Climate Tests

CCT PrÜFGeräte (bis +55°C)


Spotcraft - Manual Spot Weld Inspection System

Sliding Phased Array probes