Electromechanical Testing Machines

Creep Testing Machine

Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine

Fatigue and Dynamic Testing Machine

Servo-Hydraulic MAEFH Biaxial and Tri-axial Series

Charpy Test and IZOD

Instrumented impact testing for Charpy Impact Test

Pendulum Impact Test

Stress Corrosion Cracking Testing Machine In material testing(alloys)

High Temperature and High Pressure Stress Corrosion Cracking Testing Machine

Slow Extension Rate Test Type Stress Corrosion Cracking Testing Machine

Multiple Type 4-Strings SERT Testing Machine

Multiple Type SERT-MINI Testing Machine

High Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue Testing Machine

Electrochemical Measurement Apparatus

Universal Testing Machine (Electromechanical/Servo Hydraulic) (Static/Dynamic)

compression testing machine

Large-size Material Fatigue test sysytem

Slip Table

Vibration test system durability test system

Corrosion Fatigue test System

Loard sensing Block type material Test System

thermal fatigue test System

Biaxial material test system

Micro Loard fatigue Test system

Impact tester

Bending Beam

Stand Alone Four Point bending Beam Machine

Fatigue testing Machine


hydrostatic Pressure tester

Acoustic Emission system

Ultra Thickness Gauge

Thermal Shock Test System

Shock Absorber Test System

Spring Test System

Steel Reinforce Bar Tensile Testing System

Splitting Tensile Testing Pack

Wire Tensile Testing Package

Splitting Tensile Testing Package

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Universal Modular Testing Machine

Ultra Sonic Velocity Test System

Static Universal Load Frames

3 & 4 Point Bending Testing System

Hot Process Simulator

Ultra Low Temperature Fatigue Test System

Ultra High Cycle Test System

Multi Axis Material Test System

High Speed Material Test System

Wear Test System

Large Hydraulic Four Point Bending Machine

Two Point Trapezoidal Bending Beam Machine

Block Vibration Testing System

Creep and Stress Rupture Testing Machine

Impact Testing Machine(Pendulum/Drop Weight)

Electro-dynamic Shakers(Water Cooled/Air Cooled)

Torsion Testing Machine

Dynamic Fatigue System

Climatic Chambers

CCT-VDA Chambers

High Humidity Chambers

Kesternich Chambers

Seat Belt & Seat

Hydraulic Actuators for Fatigue

Hydraulic Actuators for Vibrations

Single Channel Digital Servo Controller

Multi-Channel Digital Servo Controller

Corrosion Test Chambers

Metal Block Thermostats


Shake Table

Metal Fatigue Tester

Electromechanical High Temperature Creep Testing Machines

Combined Single Lever Electromechanical Creep Testing Machines

Creep Compression Testing Machine

Automatic Testing Machine for Abrasive Wear & Tribological Characterization

Micro-indentation & Scratch Tester

Universal Modular Tribometer Machine

Low Cycle Fatigue and High Cycle Fatigue Testing System

Creep Fatigue Interaction Testing System

Crack Growth Testing System

Custom Applications

Data Acquisition & Control Systems & Software

TMTS - Thermo Mechanical Testing System

Pressure Volume Controller