Conventional and Unsaturated Triaxial Testing System

Table Top Electromechanical Cyclic Triaxial Testing System

Servo Hydraulic Dynamic Triaxial Testing Systems

Large Scale Dynamic Triaxial Testing Systems

Back Pressure Simple Shear System

Large Direct Shear Testing System

Dynamic Simple and Direct Shear Apparatus

Static and Dynamic Ring Shear Apparatus

Temperature Controlled/True Triaxial Testing System

Temperature Controlled Direct and Simple Shear System(DSS)

Thermal Consolidation(THM) Testing System

Hollow Cylinder Apparatus

Resonant Column Apparatus

Biaxial Device/Plane Strain Testing

Fully Automatic Table Top Electromechanical Consolidation Apparatusion

Rowe Barden Consolidation Test System

Advanced K0 Consolidation Cells

Advanced Soil Analyser(ASA Systems)

Automatic Pressure/Volume Controller(VPC)

Geotextile Testing Devices

Large geotextile shear testing apparatus

Ultrasonic Wave Velocity Test System

Advanced Rock Polyaxial Testing System

Single or Combined Rock Direct Shear/Triaxial Test System

Advanced Rock Triaxial Testing Systems

Temperature Controlled Permeability Testing System

High Precision Syringe Pump

Hydraulic Fracturing Testing Systems

Universal testing mchine ( Eletromechanical/servo hydraulic)( static/Dynamic)

ServoHydraulic Close loop compression testing machine

servo hydraulic close lopp creep testing mchine

Cyclic ring shear test apparatus

Resonant column Test Apparatus

Dynamic hellow cylinder Apparatus

Cyclic Triaxial testing system

large Scale consolidation cells

Digital load frames

Dynamic & Static Simple Shear Devices

Resilient Modulus Testing System

Advanced Geosys Software

Large Diameter Triaxial Testing System

Stress Path Triaxial Testing System

Large Ring Shear Apparatus

Unsaturated/Black Pressured Shear Box

Large Direct Shear System

Large Scale Soil Testing System

Frozen Soils Testing Systems

Slake Durability Apparatus

Rock Triaxial

Rock Shear Test System

High Pressure Rock Testing System

High Temperature Rock Triaxial

Static Cone Penetration Test Apparatus

Dynamic Cone Penetration Test Apparatus

Field Monitoring Intruments

Local Strain/Stress Transducer

Large Scale Oedometer