Servo-Hydraulic Creep Compression Testing Machines


Automatic Planetary Mixer

Automatic Horizontal Jolting Apparatus (Jolting Table)

Machines for Flexure and Compression Strength Tests

Strength Test in Mortars

Adherence of Mortars


Automatic Blaine Permeability Apparatus

Automatic Vicat Apparatus

Le Chatelier Thermostatic Water Bath

Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer

Universal Testing Machines(Electromechanical/Servo Hydraulic)(Static/Dynamic)

Servo Hydraulic Compression and Flexural Testing Machine

Polish Paver Machine

Accelerated Polishing Machine

Precision Unbound Material Analyzer

Ultra Sonic Concrete Tester

Concrete Polishing Machine

Pendulum Skid Resistance Tester

Electromechanical Compression and Bending Machine

Servo Hydraulic Compression and Bending Machine

Universal Testing Frame

Large Scale Shear Box

Automatic Mortar Mixer

Automatic Jolting Machine

Climatic Cabinet

Muffle Furnace

Vicat Needle

Fresh Concrete Aerometer

Manual Vicat Needle Apparatus

Automatic Vicat Needle

Computerized Lagavant Type Calorimeter

Solution Calorimeter

Le Chatelier Test Device

Conductivity Meter

Bath Circulators Digiterm

Rectangular Precision Hotplate Plactronic


Electronic Balances Cent

Universal Precision Oven Digitronic

Crucible and Platine Capsules

Automatic Blaine Apparatus

Automatic Blaine Permeabiliter

Tensile Splitting Test

Flexural Test

Testing Frames

Universal Hardness Tester

Sieve Shaker