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India is having the fourth largest railway network in the world and is the backbone of Indian Economy. It is therefore imperative to develop and maintain rail infrastructure with increased efficiency and precision accuracy. We through our overseas principals offer state of the art equipment for durability and capability test of small to large capacity components. Test devices for rail roads, trains and vessels need a simulation which is equivalent to the real environment. All these test devices are designed in consideration of optimal conditions tailor made to the requirements backed by dedicated softwares for satisfying results. Our versatile area of components, accessories and application software, allow the customers to build their own cost effective testing systems. These systems include Train Testing Package for Multi Axial Testing, Wheel and Rail Contact Simulation, Bogie Structural Testing, Derailment Simulation Testing, High Speed Bogie Simulation Testing, Repeated Inclined Load Test Systems, Static Flexural Testing Systems, Servo hydraulic Testing Machines for Dynamic Tests, Metal Fatigue Tester etc. Our services group in association with overseas principals offers comprehensive services for testing of Rail Road Track for sub surface flaws with advanced testing equipment and technologies with the goal to maximize Flaw detection, Productivity and Safety that help clients eliminate the risk of derailments. Our services include:

• Geometric measurement of tracks and geometric condition survey.

• Measurement, examination and qualification of railway rails

• Qualification of new and used superstructure materials

• Examination of bridges & substructures

• Development related to rail measurement, examination and line maintenance